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About PSBcreative

Do you need to produce a school show?  You can do it and we can help!

With over 15 years of experience, PSBcreative is your arts-in-schools specialists.  

We will support your production through our costume, prop and scenery rentals, event coordination and program consulting services, original works, fund raising strategies, site specific concepts, and much more!

Whether you need just one costume or if you need an entire production coordinated, we will instantly help your program become less of a daunting project.  

At PBScreative, we believe that a creative life is a happier life, a healthier life and ultimately, a more successful life.  

We believe that a school’s active arts program is the cornerstone to a well rounded, life preparing education.  

Contact us today so we can help your upcoming show be your most successful (and stress free) one yet!